Doug Kauffman

I went through divorce and bankruptcy. Watch my story of how God gave me hope.

Ashley Toms

My husband unexpectedly passed away. Watch my story of hope.

Laura Blumberg

Drug addiction had its hold on me. I had resolved that it would take my life, but God had different plans for me. 

Dennis Otto

I was sentenced to 110 months in prison for manufacturing meth. I now have life through Jesus Christ. 

Aaron & Sara Martineau

Our story is one of finding hope in the midst of grief after losing our beautiful daughter, Madeline at 2 months old.

Caleb Kopp

I was introduced to cocaine and God let the weight of it increase until I could not take it anymore.

Kim Goral

I've spent years felling depressed, broken and guilty for my past decision of getting an abortion.

Jeni Bailey

For 30 years I loved my life addicted to drugs, alcohol, men and parties. Now my life is completely transformed.


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