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While during difficult times Doug tells about how he felt like he was at the end of his rope so to speak. He then prayed and asked God to help him be bolder about his faith. Watch as Doug goes into details of some of his struggles.


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  • Finding Joy In The Midst of Your Crisis

  • Why Share Your Story of Hope

  • Not Wasting Your Trial

  • Being Courageous

  • Not Being Offended

Doug tells a story about ministering to a man that was suicidal while going through a divorce. He also shares why it is important to share your story. Take a listen.

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Caleb Kopp


“It was really cool to have you come to speak. God is doing big things with hope 360 and you talk humbly about it. I’m glad to be a small part of it. The group was excited about it and thankful that you shared your heart and testimony.” 

Examples of Doug's Speaking Topics


People go through things that they never dreamed they would and experience so much pain that it is almost unbearable. While going through a divorce that he did not want (including split custody of his four boys), Doug has experienced pain at a level that he describes as “crawling out of his skin.” The pain of not seeing his boys half of their lives is hard–very hard. In this message, Doug shares how he drew closer to God.

He shares about specific dreams that were shattered and how to move forward with God even when you feel like you can’t. In this message, Doug will give you three practical ways to live out a joyful life even while going through the most difficult times.

Allow Doug to inspire you with his real-life experiences in this message so that you:

  • Don’t waste your trial

  • Realize adversary builds your faith and strength

  • Gain an understanding of how God can use adversity to deepen our dependence on Him

  • Know that God wants to complete something in you


So many of us want to share Jesus with people but we don’t know where to start. Think about sharing something that you own and with which you feel the most comfortable: your personal story. As Christians, we all have a story. Think about your prayer life and the miracles you have experienced – the biggest one is that God saved you by His grace!


There are people out there right now who need to hear your story of hope–in fact, your story could save a life as Doug’s did.  Your story could be someone’s only connection to Jesus. When Doug felt like he was at the end of his rope, he threw out all logical thinking and went for his dream –his BIG dream– and boy was he scared; it proved to be the most exciting experience he has ever had.  He shared his story and through that started Hope 360 Ministries – a platform for sharing stories of hope.


Join Doug on a journey to:


  • Be inspired to share your story


  • Hear the Biblical reasons why you need to share your story


  • Experience what it will do to your faith as you step out and do it “afraid”


  • Become equipped to share your story (not just practically, but emotionally)


Doug Kauffman experienced devastation when he underwent foreclosure, bankruptcy and divorce. Hope 360 commenced out of his journey to bring hope to people. Doug is the President and Founder of Hope 360.

Doug speaks about the importance of your story – possibly being one person’s only connection to Jesus. By sharing, your crisis and pain will be redeemed for His Glory.

Doug is passionate about sharing the hope of Jesus through his story as well as other peoples stories.

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