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Most non-profit charities won’t accept donations of Lots or Land, the few that do will expect you to pay for typical closing costs, surveys, title correction, legal documents and it can take months to complete. But we don’t expect you to pay for anything! We handle everything in-house and with over 15 years of deed transfer experience, we pay for everything.   


James B.

"Donating my land to Hope 360 was easy, all I had to do was sign a deed (that Hope 360 provided me) in front of a notary. I had not been able to sell it and was happy to give it to a great charity."

Vacant lots are not like homes, they are not necessarily needed, and people rarely use them for anything constructive. We find most people have simply been paying taxes on them year after year with no end or plan in site.


Owners of these lots sometimes think that it will be a nice inheritance to leave behind, but some advisors say it can cost hundreds of dollars in legal deed transfers or filing fees, probate costs, etc. just to deal with something your heirs will eventually get stuck with themselves and wish they didn’t have to deal with.

If you don’t plan to move to this property, or you decided it’s not worth your time to list it with an agent for that long-drawn-out process donating it might be your best option. By donating it, you can instantly relieve yourself and your estate and your heirs of having to deal with this property any longer.

You are instantly relieved of all current and future Property Tax Payments when donating to Hope 360.

No more HOA fees  |   No more Estate Worries   |    Clean up your estate now


  • You Pay Nothing

  • No Closing Costs

  • No Real Estate Agents

  • No Travel

  • No Deed or Documents Needed From You

  • We Make it Easy to Donate your Vacant Land

Once you call us at the number below, we will answer any questions you might have and then if you are agreed, we will have a standard Gift Deed drawn up and sent to you for signing. The process is simple, a deed we provide you is signed by you and any other owner of record and we then file it with the county. That’s how easy it is!


Your donation is deeply appreciated and up to 95% of sale proceeds actually go to directly to the mission of Hope 360 (only the cost of the actual closing and resale are expensed).


For over 10 Years, Hope360 has been meeting people at their time of need by sharing other Christian’s stories of how they walked through the dark valley of crisis and found hope through Jesus Christ.


Lots valued under $40,000 are hard to sell if you list them with an agent, and if they do sell, it will be after years of waiting and at a fraction of that price after negotiations, (not always, but this is what we have found in subdivisions with inexpensive lots), so once agents are paid, survey paid, escrow fees paid, title abstract is cleared, it is often simply a wash or even a loss because of the time and stress it took to sell the property.

You may have already decided on donating it but haven’t yet gotten around to it, you will find with some other charities, it isn’t just a simple process. They almost never accept the property in inexpensive subdivisions. And if they do accept land donations, they will expect you to pay all the closing costs, even their side of the closing costs and sometimes realtor fees as well.

"Landowners with unwanted property sometimes decide to donate land – instead of selling land – due to the costs involved, especially if the costs outweigh the actual land value. Donating land directly to charity can be an attractive option in lieu of a cash donation as it helps the landowner avoid capital gains taxes, the ongoing costs of maintaining the land and a potentially lengthy sales process. If you’re considering donating land, you may want to consult a tax attorney, investment advisor and/or real estate agent for advice about achieving your goals with such a donation."

We make it easy, you pay nothing, we do all the work, pay for everything and you simply sign your name at the right time… which will most likely be within a week. Then it’s done. And you know you helped a Christian Charity making a difference in Peoples lives.

We have helped many people just like you get rid of the unwanted or unused property and relieve them of the yearly stress of having to pay taxes, HOA dues, or worry about the financial burden on their heirs if it remains in their estate.

Call Us For More Information About Donating Your Land
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